fdi 2017

Welcome to the web page dedicated to the course “Fondamenti di Informatica 2017”.

  • Course schedule: Martedì 9-11 and Giovedì 14-17
  • Course location: Campus Savona, aula AN1
  • Office hours: you can contact me (maurizio.mancini<at>unige<dot>it) so we can fix an appointment directly before/after the teaching hours in Savona or you can come at Casa Paganini in Genova.

Aulaweb: https://ingsv.aulaweb.unige.it/course/view.php?id=133

Past courses: Fondamenti di Informatica 2016




  • Lesson 1 (2h) – 21/2/2017 (part1 part2)
    [cos’è un computer, codifica dell’informazione in binario]
  • Lesson 2 (3h) – 23/2/2017 (part1 part2 part3)
    [codifica di immagini in binario, utilizzo di editor binari per aprire file di testo e immagini]
  • Lesson 3 (2h) – 28/2/2017 (part1 part2)
    [codifica di suoni in binario, aritmetica binaria]
  • Lesson 4 (3h) – 2/3/2017 (part1 part2)
    [utilizzo di editor binari per aprire file audio, algoritmi e diagrammi di flusso]
  • Lesson 5 (2h) – 21/3/2017 (part1 part2)
    [esempi di algoritmi scritti con diagrammi di flusso, introduzione a Java]
  • Lesson 6 (3h) – 23/3/2017
    [Lab: (ex.) factorial]
  • Lesson 7 (2h) – 28/3/2017 (part1 part2)
    [struttura della CPU, tipi di memoria]
  • Lesson 8 (3h) – 30/3/2017
    [Lab: (ex.) input from keyboard]
  • Lesson 9 (2h) – 4/4/2017 (part1 part2)
    [memoria primaria e secondaria, periferiche]
  • Lesson 10 (3h) – 6/4/2017
    [Lab: (ex.) strings(ex.) while-do&do-while]
  • Lesson 11 (2h) – 11/4/2017 (part1 part2)
    [array in Java]
  • Lesson 12 (3h) – 27/4/2017 (part1 part2 part3)
    [(ex.) arrays, classi, tipi di rete, protocolli di comunicazione]
  • Lesson 13 (2h) – 2/5/2017 (part1 part2)
    [(ex.) classes, metodi di una classe]
  • Lesson 14 (4h) – 4/5/2017
    [Lab: (ex.) methods with parameters]
  • Lesson 15 (3h) – 9/5/2017 (part1 part2)
    [tipi di rete, internet, protocollo tcp/ip]
  • Lesson 16 (4h) – 11/5/2017
    [Lab: (ex.) more classes and methods]
  • Lesson 17 (3h) – 16/5/2017 (part1 part2)
    [i livelli del protocollo tcp/ip, sicurezza delle reti]
  • Lesson 18 (4h) – 18/5/2017
    [Lab: (ex.) method return]
  • Lesson 19 (3h) – 23/5/2017 (part1 part2)
  • Lesson 20 (4h) – 25/5/2017
    [Lab: (ex.) constructor]


Slides & more

You can find other resources by visiting the past editions pages created by myself, Prof. M. Maratea and Prof. D. Anghinolfi.


Java Development Kit (JDK) Waning: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not enough!

You can download it here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html

Windows users can choose between 32 and 64 bit, you will have to choose the same version of Eclipse.


Windows: https://eclipse.org/downloads/index.php?osType=win32&show_instructions=TRUE

Mac: https://eclipse.org/downloads/index.php?osType=macosx&show_instructions=TRUE

Linux: https://eclipse.org/downloads/index.php?osType=linux&show_instructions=TRUE

To translate Eclipse in Italian follow the instructions reported at https://eclipse.org/babel/downloads.php:

  • Open the install wizard with ‘Help’ > ‘Install new software…’
  • Add the Babel p2 repository: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/babel/update-site/R0.13.1/mars
  • Select/install your language pack of choice
  • Restart Eclipse and you should get a translated Eclipse
  • If the system locale is in English, and you want to launch Eclipse in another language, you have to launch Eclipse with the -nl command line argument:
    eclipse.exe -nl it

Students are required to form groups of 1-2-3 people and bring 1 laptop per group during the lessons on programming.


This course *does not* provide any credit for the ECDL.