Hi, welcome to my homepage.

You can download my academic CV here.

I obtained my PhD in Computer Science in 2008 at the University of Paris 8, under the supervision of Pr. Catherine Pelachaud. My main research interest is expressive gesture/movement analysis and synthesis. I started working on Embodied Conversational Agents in 2002 for my Master thesis and continued during my PhD until end of 2008. I have been one of the main developer of the ECA system Greta. As post-doc I mainly worked on movement analysis and expressivity extraction. I’m currently Assistant Professor at the University of Genoa. I’m one of the main contributors of the EyesWeb XMI research platform.

If you want to take a look to my publications you can navigate the website or have a look to Google Scholar. The pdf of my dissertation, titled “Multimodal distinctive behavior for expressive embodied conversational agents”, is freely available for academic use (just contact me: maurizio.mancini::at::unige::dot::it) or can be purchased for any other use here.

I worked for the following EU projects:

  • DANCE – (IA, 2015-2017): investigating how affective and relational qualities of body movement can be expressed, represented, and analyzed by the auditory channel
  • ILHAIRE – (STREP, 2011-2013): study of cognitive and emotional foundations, development of computational models of laughter in human-computer communication and future multimedia systems
  • SIEMPRE – (STREP, 2010-2012): research in novel theoretical and methodological frameworks, computational models, and algorithms for the analysis of creative communication within groups of people. Research focuses on ensemble musical performance and audience experience, and focuses on techniques for measuring creative social interaction in an ecologically valid framework: empathy, entrainment, co-creation, emotional contagion
  • SAME – (STREP, 2008-2010): development of new context-aware interactive systems for mobile active music listening
  • CALLAS – (IP, 2006-2010):  reducing the cost and the complexity of development of multimodal interfaces (including virtual characters)  in the Digital Entertainment and Information context
  • HUMAINE – (Network of Excellence, 2004-2007): European network of main research centers on Human-Machine Interaction and computational models of emotion and multimodal interfaces
  • MagiCster – (CSC, 2000-2004): design a believable conversational interface agent, which makes use of gaze, facial expression, gesture and body posture as well as speech in a synchronised fashion